Week #16

 It’s not like last year he thought. Because they moved the fourth grade class room to the 3rd grade class room, and it kept going on and on. He is doing harder work in school and the year number is different. The school has new students.   And everyone has grown since last year. The school is now connected to the middle school. The college is bigger than last year. At the college they added a pool a track a football field basketball court a soccer field and restaurants. That’s all the news about him thinking it is like last year.

2 thoughts on “Week #16

  1. Hello Drake,
    Your story is really interesting. Even though it is short obviously because of the fact you can’t exceed 100 words. It was good to read and see other people’s thoughts about the 100 Word Challenge. With that said if you ever want to visit my blog here is a link.
    Hope to see you sometime.

  2. Hi Drake
    Your story is very good this week. I really liked the way you described how the school has changed.
    Great story.
    St Molaga SNS
    Rep. of Ireland

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